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The Butt.

The Butt.

This is the only Valentine I will accept today.

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“Did you meet your significant other at [name redacted] University?”

-A tweet my Alma Mater sent out today.

Well, I did….and then he/we/I threw it all away. Now I officially hate today.

Love In A College Town

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Got Away by Some Mistake


I just found out my Friend With Benefits (and minor crush…I got a little attached, okay?) has a new girlfriend. 

All of the Taylor Swift lyrics right now. All of them.

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A Real Life Moment I Had Today

After uploading pictures with new boys online and pondering where my next paycheck is coming from, I get a text message from my ex-boyfriend confirming dinner for later this week and that he’s rooting hard for me (I’m barely employed, but somehow still vaguely fabulous.). I send back a quick and confused thank you, and as my phone is sending the message:

Me, looking up to the sky: “God, what exactly is going on here?”

Then, a moment….my phone freezes after sending the message and then restarted itself.


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A Taylor Swift Song for Every Relationship Status

This basically sums it all up.

Now if only just one of these could apply to me, we’d be all set!


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You know what? Boys can be confusing too. It’s not just girls.

That is all.

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You Big Redneck Heartbreak

This says it all. I love you, Taylor Swift.

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I’m reading Eat, Pray, Love again because I just got out of another incredibly serious relationship. It helped the last time, so why can’t it help again?

I better stop with these relationships before I have the whole damn book memorized.

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