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5 Thoughts: Writing a Book

Part one, presumably. Spoiler Alert: Writing a book is not easy.

1. What the fuck do I write about?

2. Can I write that much?

3. Do I use actual names and/or places?

4. Do I notify people that I’m writing about them?

5. Is this going to suck/ who would even read this?


Bonus: Do any writers even use PCs? Maybe I need a Macbook.

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Write This Down

“You should write a book.”

I get that all the time. Most recently, from my Aunt Lauren. My friends and I are always joking “Oh shit, remember that so we can put it in our novel.” Well I’m still not working full-time, so why not?

Aunt Lauren, you’re about to get your book.

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Lay You Down

I have this incredibly irrational fear about tomorrow night.

It will be New Year’s Eve.

It will be midnight.

I will be surrounded by my very good looking (and single >:]) guy friends at a fancy bar in a big city full of opportunity. And somehow, I’m afraid I’ll be awkwardly paired up with my ex-boyfriend to kiss.

Furthermore I am terrified that for the first time, I won’t have anyone to bring home that night.

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Reset and Go.

I have so much to say and so very little to lose.

Bless your heart.