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5 Thoughts: Writing a Book

Part one, presumably. Spoiler Alert: Writing a book is not easy.

1. What the fuck do I write about?

2. Can I write that much?

3. Do I use actual names and/or places?

4. Do I notify people that I’m writing about them?

5. Is this going to suck/ who would even read this?


Bonus: Do any writers even use PCs? Maybe I need a Macbook.

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5 Thoughts: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

So I’m sitting here watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (because I’m a girl and we like torturing ourselves and/or judging others) and I must say a few things:

1. That can’t possibly be fun for guys to try and take off in bed (or those dressing the models backstage).

2. I am so glad I worked out right before this.

3. My body is pretty bangin’.

4. Yo, can I have some beer right now? I deserve it.

5. So glad I splurged on some new lingerie today.

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